Insert L: the Moon: satellite or co-planet ?


Page L1 - About the word satellite.


On this page, I propose to the reader to dwell on the meaning of the word "satellite", and consider whether it is right to apply this word to the Moon.

Considering above all the functions of the Moon, its effects on the Earth, as found in the course of the present study.

About our attitude.

As always, the words and expressions, which, in some way, involve our position in the universe, are the result of what we presume when words and expressions are forged.

The word satellite, applied to the Moon, reflects our usual attitude, to see us always at the center.

It is not long ago, that science has forced the man to see himself, as the guest of a planet, of average size, which revolves around the Sun, a medium-sized star, moving in a quite place, suitable for the observation of the Univers, in one galaxy among many.

About the word “satellite”.

The word 'satellite' conveys to the mind the idea of something in a subordinate position, and of marginal importance.

Applied to the Earth-Moon relationship, the word 'satellite', somehow, imply also that the Earth could do without the Moon, with no consequences worth mentioning.

Some even fear that we have a mass so great, so close. They would feel much better without it. One never knows.


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