Tides due to the cyclical variation of the water density.

Two occurrences - the formation of the water figures, and the dynamics of the tide waves - suggest that the tides would be due to the cyclical variation of the water density.


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Water figures.

According to my interpretation, the water figures would be a decrease in the density of water, and the consequent increase in its volume.

This would occur by uniformation of the molecules to the same configuration, within more or less large ensembles of molecules, and to their consequent collective behavior, as it would take place also in the fatty acids in seeds.

Also according to my interpretation, the water figures would indicate the way in which the tide is generated.

This interpretation is supported also by the way, afterwards, the tidal wave is formed and moves, as explained in the itinerary 2.6.

Large and concave squares.

On very rare occasions, one can observe large (over cm. 70x70) and concave shapes, which shake convulsively. They are due to a decrease of the volume, contrary to the normal water figures.

So far, I have seen this kind of phenomenon three times, but I never had the chance to record it in a movie.

These concave squares show no problem for our perception. We are able to see them clearly. However, people consider them a sort of waves, while they are not.

Anomalous water figures.
Concave figures, aborted tides.

One cannot rule out that the concave figures - where the water density would increase (just the opposite with respect to all the normal water figures) - could have a relation with the anomaly called “aborted tides”.