2.2.2 - Structure of the problems that had to be solved.

At first the formula to be applied in the case of the tides, along with other three inconsistencies in the current theory, told you clearly and strongly that the cause of the tides, absolutely, cannot be gravity.


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prologue > index tides > 2.2 How this research on tides started.

2.2.0 - Title, subtitles, content, notice.
2.2.1 - Introduction to a research in its early days.
>2.2.2 - Problems to be solved.
2.2.3 - A force not considered.
2.2.4 - The attention shifts to water.
2.2.5 - Hunting for discontinuous events.
2.2.6 - The water figures.
2.2.7 - Problems of perception.
2.2.8 - Perspectives.


At the start.

At that point it is as if you had in your hands, without knowing it, a box, with another box inside, each with its own lock, and its secret.

First box.

First box: you opened it when you understood how to flush out the reason for the phenomenon, weak and hidden. You had to record it when it was amplified.

You have been able to use the key thanks to the conformation of the Lusenzo lagoon, and thanks to the calendar you had already prepared for the seeds.

In that calendar you had indicated the points when the angular velocity of the recovery of the Moon's delay, relative to the rotation of the Earth, does not vary.

At these points, you intended to test whether the water also makes use of a dissipative cumulative cycle, when in coincidence with specific critical angular velocity values of the Moon, valid for water, to be found.

On such occasions, the supposed processes would have taken place during long episodes of interaction, and therefore the effects would have been amplified, and revealed, as it really happened afterwards.

The second box.

The content of the second box concerns the fact that each mind cannot interpret the phenomenon, to the extent that this is not coherent with its ordinary experience.

By default, the mind is content to interpret the phenomenon in some way, which appears plausible, as far as possible, and passes to other things.

Eventually, the key to understand it was given to you when you were able to see, at the same time, two different scenes, one directly with all your senses, and the other in the camera monitor, while it was recording.

When we whatch a movie, we are in a limited context of causes and effects, and moreover we are more willing to accept something that is not plausible.