2.2.5 - Hunting for discontinuous events.

You plan a series of excursions in the lagoon, to observe eventual discontinuous events.


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2.2.0 - Title, subtitles, content, notice.
2.2.1 - Introduction to a research in its early days.
2.2.2 - Problems to be solved.
2.2.3 - A force not considered.
2.2.4 - The attention shifts to water.
>2.2.5 - Hunting for discontinuous events.
2.2.6 - The water figures.
2.2.7 - Problems of perception.
2.2.8 - Perspectives.


Observing the discontinuity of processes in the lagoon.

With your baggage of intentions, you plan a series of excursions in the lagoon, according to the calendar of the recovering of the delay of the Moon, relative to the motion of the Earth on itself. You go there when this does not vary, or varies very little, at points a, b, c, d.

The angular velocity of the Moon, given as hourly average per each day, as it recovers the delay on its revolution around the Earth, performed during one sidereal month, the duration of which is defined in 86400 deltins.

You have to be careful to catch some discontinuity in the behavior of the water, some difference that can take place between one moment and the next, as you did with the seeds. This may reveal to you a critical value of the Moon's delay.

You already expect that you will have to go there many times. You choose the lagoon of Lusenzo, south part, located between Chioggia and Sottomarina, near Venice.

It is the most convenient place to get there from your home, but also quiet, with limited traffic of boats, and where a disabled person may park his car.

Fortune also wants it to be a special place for your purpose. In the Venetian lagoon, they tell you, there are only two other similar ones, those that are in the middle between two channels giving access to the sea.

These three places are special; the water behaves abnormally, above all after it has reached its peak at high tide.

Then, having to flow towards the sea through two lateral channels, the water is as if uncertain which channel to take.

In practice, it drops its level very slowly, but does not move; as compressed, it stands still for hours. Just what you might have wanted, if only you had imagined it.

The water figures.

Almost like in the seeds, the more water is still, the more neighboring molecules interact with the Moon, in a short period of time, at the same critical angular velocity valid for water, when one of them happens. Then the phenomenon of the water figures - which you did not know yet, and which you took time to notice - is more manifest, because amplified.

Not immediately, but later, you interpret the figures of water as a variation of its density. Almost always they are bulges, sometimes perfectly aligned.

photo: L090316u1405 - video L090316u1403

The concave water figures.

Rare are the water figures in which the density appears to have increased, and which you called "concave water figures", due to their shape. Those are the easiest to perceive, because they manifest themselves with violence.

You tell me that the first time you saw them had been many years before, when you were eleven years old, in 1954, the day after the Feast of Redeemer in Venice.

The second time you saw them was the very first day you went to Chioggia, with the sole intention of buying maps, to understand where to make the observations. It was March 19, 2005.

While you were driving along the road on the Union island, the one that connects Sottomarina to Chioggia, and you couldn't stop, on your right, you saw how the concave square water figures form, 70x70 centimeters, or maybe bigger. They covered the whole lagoon, like a tiling of regular repetitive forms.

Characteristics of concave water figures.

One side of each figure, alternating with the other sides, rose and fell frantically, relative to the central concave area, with a frequency that could be less than two seconds. The phenomenon was more marked over the channels, where there was more depth.

You say you noticed the concave shapes of water, because they express themselves with violence. However, when later you happened to talk to an old fisherman from Chioggia, one who spent his entire life between the lagoon and the sea, and asked him if he had ever seen such a phenomenon, he looked at you strangely, like you could have come from Mars.

Kindly, with his IGP Chioggia accent, which you always liked, he quickly closed that matter, saying that surely you had seen a wave. Immediately after, however, he told you that he had seen, more than once, something strange and wonderful, like magical reflections on water, when he returned to the lagoon, after a night spent at sea.

Patience and perseverance.

You say that your experience with concave figures – unusual, but the easiest to perceive - on the very first day you went to Chioggia for that purpose, were providential. That had been given to you as a bait, so that you could persevere, without other results, for over thirty excursions. That otherwise you would have given up earlier.

But you could also say - and even with more sound reason - that it was precisely those first figures - statistically exceptions, phenomenon perhaps connected to rare events when the tides do not develop, or are reduced - that prevented you for a long time from seeing the figures that count, those visible as protuberances, in their various ways of developing.

You know better than I do, what perception problems you had to overcome. You simply didn't see what was going on. You were expecting something different. You waited for the concave figures, when the ones that count are protuberances.

Results two years from the start.

Two years from the start - apart from the concave water figures, and the knowledge of the place - you had nothing else to your credit.

Nonetheless, you remained firm on your decision to continue going to the Lusenzo lagoon, of course always close to points a, b, c, and d of the calendar, already prepared for the seeds.

It was possible that every time you went to Luzenzo there had never been a critical angular velocity of the delay of the Moon. After all, you had put this into account from the beginning.

Later, you will be able to understand that the reason for the fact that you did not perceive anything significant was in your mind. It was not ready to see the phenomenon as it is.

Your mind was blocking it. You also had that problem to solve, a problem that you could have foreseen, if only you had known how we handle the new, the unexpected.

In any case, you didn't know it, but you were on the eve of a significant turning point in your hunt for evidences, which took place on March 24, 2007.