2.2.8 - Perspectives.

It is not easy to accept that the tides are not due to the attraction, but to the variation of density of the water, in contrast to what has been said for 330 years.


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prologue > index tides > 2.2 How this research on tides started.

2.2.0 - Title, subtitles, content, notice.
2.2.1 - Introduction to a research in its early days.
2.2.2 - Problems to be solved.
2.2.3 - A force not considered.
2.2.4 - The attention shifts to water.
2.2.5 - Hunting for discontinuous events.
2.2.6 - The water figures.
2.2.7 - Problems of perception.
>2.2.8 - Perspectives.


Now, you realize that it is not easy to accept that tides are not due to attraction, as has been said for 350 years, but to the variation in water density.

Meanwhile, spread the procedure to increase the germination capacity of the seeds, and therefore to increase the crops. A success in this area - not limited to very few farmers as now - could facilitate to take into consideration what you propose.

However, that is not probable, given what the historical precedents teach. It is so difficult for man to accept novelties when it comes to a paradigm shift. But you go on.

I know that you are also looking, in other places, for those who may be willing to examine the hypothesis you have proposed, that there would be, in duality with gravity, the "force d", also due to the distribution of matter in space.

Here in Italy, but also outside, you're going to propose an astronomical observatory to check what you say, about the effect that the Moon has on water.

It should be set on the model of the southern Lusenzo lagoon, with correction of two defects: the reduced depth of the water, and the exposure to the wind, which has so much influenced your decision to suspend that part of your research.

You know it will be hard. Given your age, you may not see the day when someone does it.