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Usually water figures do not catch our attention. Unless you are accustomed to see them.

Perception of the ordinary water figures.

Usually, we do not pay attention to the water figures; we pass by without perceiving them. With the exception for the persons, who already have had the chance to know of their existence, and got accustomed to see them. At least, as far as the “ordinary water figures” are concerned.

If not necessary, they do not catch our attention.

It is possible that the ordinary water figures are not perceived when there is no need to see them. I perceived them, probably because I needed to.

The water figures are objects that may be ignored, without loss or damage. On top of that, they found themselves in competition with other objects, more relevant in our daily life. So, they do not catch our attention, a limited resource, being limited the time we have.

Exercising the mind to see them.

In order to perceive most part of the ordinary water figures, one has just to know of their existence, and then to get accustomed to them, until they become commonplace. Examples of water figures easy to be perceived are presented at the end of page 2.3.5.


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