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First of all, and above all, I used “The Book of Nature”, what is around us.

In my life and in my research one fact had a great importance: that my father, without ever telling me, made me understand on several occasions, and in the right ways, that my disability should not stop me.

I acknowledge to my mother the merit of having shown me the way to recover from a cardiovascular disease. After healing, which took place thanks to flax seeds, research began on the recovery of the germination power of the seeds. Without her advice, the search would never have started.

Then, in order of the acquisition.

1974 - Beveridge, W.I.B

The Art of Scientific Investigation.

Heinemann - London


1981 - Kastler, Alfred

Questa strana materia (original: Cette étrange matière).

1977 - Biblioteca EST - Mondadori


1982 - Jae R. Ballif, William E. Dibble

Conceptual Physics - Matter in motion.

In particular: chapters 7, 8 and 11.

1969 - John Wiley & Sons Inc.


1982 - I took the concept of “far from equilibrium condition” from Ilya Prigogine. From him, I also took the word “dissipative”, to give a name to what I have seen in the “experiment A” in 1981.


1985 - Erwin Schrœdinger - What is life?
Cambridge University Press 1967


1997 - NASA - PO.DAAC. for the movie on how the ocean tides behave.