Itinerary 2.3 page 7.


Examples of water figures, formed when a critical value of moon angular velocity does not change for a relatively long time.


2.3.7 - Other significant cases.

Case 2007-10-01.

When an important parameter is at a low level.

I present two exemples where the moon angular velocity is stable, but where the parameter of the spatiole is at a dismal level.

Case 2008-06-18.

Case 2011-07-06.

Analysis water waves having variable density.

Among the water figures, there are those called “density waves”, as they appear to be caused by a change in the density of water.

To date, between ordinary waves and density waves, nine differences helps to grasp the nature of water figures. See on the next page.



Itinerary 2.3

2.3.1 The cumulative dissipative cycle in water.
2.3.2 The test Z takes shape.
2.3.3 A natural astronomical observatory for the tides.
2.3.4 The test Z: amplifying a hidden phenomenon.
2.3.5 The water figures.
2.3.6 Density waves.
2.3.7 Other significant cases.
2.3.8 Ordinary waves and density waves.
2.3.9 For a man-made astronomical observatory for the tides.


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