2.3.7 - Other significant cases.

Examples of water figures, formed when a critical value of moon angular velocity does not change for a relatively long time.


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2.3.1 The cumulative dissipative cycle in water.
2.3.2 The test Z takes shape.
2.3.3 A natural astronomical observatory for the tides.
2.3.4 The test Z: amplifying a hidden phenomenon.
2.3.5 The water figures.
2.3.6 Density waves.
2.3.7 Other significant cases.
2.3.8 Ordinary waves and density waves.
2.3.9 For a man-made astronomical observatory for the tides.


Case 2007-10-01.

When an important parameter is at a low level.

I present two exemples where the moon angular velocity is stable, but where the parameter of the spatiole is at a dismal level.

Case 2008-06-18.

Case 2011-07-06.

Analysis water waves having variable density.

Among the water figures, there are those called “density waves”, as they appear to be caused by a change in the density of water.

To date, between ordinary waves and density waves, nine differences helps to grasp the nature of water figures. See on the next page.