Magnetism as a condition for the force d to operate.

Hypothesis: an adequate magnetic field would be a condition for the interactions of force d to take place.


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Among the conditions for an interaction of force to take place there could be the presence of a suitable magnetic field. For the moment this is a hypothesis.

In order to check the hypothesis, it was performed the experiment B, where sunflower seeds, reduced to fragments, and placed in a dish, are subjected to the action of a moving magnet, and then pressed.

The movement of the magnetic field on the one hand, and the increase of its intensity on the other, change the manifestations of the phenomena.

According to my interpretation of the experiment:
(1) Thanks to the movement of the magnet, there is almost always a point (spatiole) in the plate where the interaction of force d takes place (revealed by the fact that the sunflower seeds, stationary, become semi-fluid in a point, which changes positions, in relation to the position of the Moon);
(2) due to the strengthening of the magnetic field, because of the magnet, the movement of the spatiole, around the edge path of the plate, seems to change from the normal bi-diurnal cadence, to a diurnal one.

Tide basins.

There is another phenomenon considered on this site as caused by force d. Normally the tidal basins have a bi-diurnal frequency; as an exception, we can find tidal basins with diurnal frequency (examples: China Sea, Gulf of Mexico). There, the cause could be the intensity of the magnetic field with respect to the norm. That's an hypothesis.

Further research.

The above should be an incentive for further research, first to improve the execution of the experiment B, up today still approximate, then eventually confirm my current interpretation of the phenomena, establishing the relationship between the magnetic field and the field of force d.

Generating and utilizing the “force d”.

If the hypothesis formulated here is true, only the molecules that are in an appropriate magnetic field should be able to make use of the force d, generated by the movement between two objects.

Any object may play a role in the generation process of the force d, over a given range, depending on its mass.

While only the molecules which are in a proper magnetic field can utilize it.

The mass of the Moon should have only a role in generating force d. The molecules that are on the Moon should not be able to benefit from it, since a suitable magnetic field is missing, besides due to other reasons. The same goes for Mars.