Mini test of resistance to total drought.

Sowing time for mais 2011-05-26, around 45 days later than it is usual.


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My little vegetable garden, a few square meters large, is just filling earth, with no humus, left unfertilised on purpose, in order to run limit tests.

Amplified difference in the results.

In fact, in a similar plot, the difference of the results from seeds subjected to paradoxical procedure, compared with those from seeds not subjected to the same, is, for example, amplified in case of drought.

Mini test.

At the end of May 2011 it had already started a period of prolonged drought.

In the small garden, just a little room was left, near the border, for a mini experiment. So, just for fun, I have sown only two corn seeds; one of which, immediately before sowing, it was subjected to 35 degrees C, for 24 hours. Sowing took place on May 26; the water enough for the germination was duly provided. Then, no more.

Sowing day : 2011-05-26.

The daily angular velocity of the delay recovering of the Moon, on its revolution around the Earth, defined in 86400 deltins, and performed during one sidereal month.

Afterwords, until the day in which the photos were taken, on July 26, the two plants had to undergo a period of total drought.


The four photos below were taken on 2011-07-26, two months after sowing.

The plant, whose seed had not been subjected to the paradoxical procedure, began the growth of a cob, soon aborted.

Plant not subjected to the paradoxical procedure.

A leaf of the plant not subjected to the paradoxical procedure.

The other plant, as usually happens when the procedure in question is carried out, has put down deep roots, in order to insure against drought. Its final output was estimated to be around 50 per cent than what is usual.

Plant subjected to the paradoxical procedure.

A leaf of the plant subjected to the paradoxical procedure.