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Index seeds.

How the motion of the Moon affects the seeds.

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The part on seeds is divided into three itineraries of discovery.

In each itinerary, topics are treated with a purpose in mind and from a particular angle. Inevitably, some topics covered in one itinerary may be resumed in a subsequent section, in a different way.

In the first itinerary on seeds (1.1), the sowing procedure is presented, in practical terms for the farmer, with the theory limited to a minimum.

The second itinerary (1.2) deals with the research on seeds - with observations and experiments - that made application possible.

The third itinerary (1.3) contains the interpretation of the physics of the phenomena considered.


Itinerary 1.1 - Application.
Managing the germinative power in seeds.

1.1.1 - Introduction to cumulative dissipative cycle in seeds.
1.1.2 - During short episodes of interaction.
1.1.3 - The sowing procedure.
1.1.4 - Loss and recovery of viability.
1.1.5 - Harvest result in a year of lean times.
1.1.6 - Harvest result in a year of abundance.
1.1.7 - How to get more income in times of scarsity.
1.1.8 - Applications.

Calendar of the cycle; Legend of the calendar; Food Crisis and Famines


Itinerary 1.2 - Observations and experiments.

1.2.1 Introduction.
1.2.2 Three observations.
1.2.3 A force generated by motion (experiment A).
1.2.4 The dissipative phase (experiment C).
1.2.5 To increase seed viability (experiment E).
1.2.6 Examples of experiments E.


Itinerary 1.3 - Interpretation of the phenomena.

1.3.1 The unidirectional thermodynamics.
1.3.2 A question already raised.
1.3.3 The bidirectional thermodynamics.
1.3.4 Consequent forces.
1.3.5 The viability cycle - from chaos to order.
1.3.6 The secret of life on Earth.


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