Critical values of angular velocity.

The force d can give rise to cumulative dissipative processes only at critical discontinuous values of angular velocity, provided of course that there are also coherent heat exchanges consistent with the trend of movement.


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The discontinuity of two phenomena.

Nature behaves in discontinuous ways. The force d is not an exception.

In some aspects of the two phenomena under study, this feature of nature may be perceived even with no instrument.

When the force d interacts with the molecules, these either would absorb or would dissip energy in precise amounts, modifying their configuration. When they are in relative motion, with respect to other matter, that occurs only at specific critical values of angular motion, during short episodes of interaction.


Sometimes, always in the course of a dissipative period, top quality sunflower seeds, without their testa, still with respect to the surrounding matter, may change color and tenderness almost suddenly. This observation may occur only during a dissipative phase.

Experiment A.

Experiment A is a series of tests, each time with one sunflower seed, always of the same top quality. The seed is set in motion relative to the surrounding matter at a casual angular velocity.

The effect on the tenderness of the seed varies greatly each time, depending on the casual angular velocity of each time.

Variation of water density.

That the force d manifests itself at discrete critical values of angular velocities was observed also in water.

It is when large numbers of water molecules are maintained together, for a relatively considerable length of time, at the same critical value of angular velocity, for instance with respect to the Moon.

Water reduces its density, and increases its volume, by arranging itself on a regular grid of squares. At other times, water assumes other various singular collective behaviours.

This can happen in places, defined by me as "astronomical observatories for the study of the generation of the tide", whose prototype, although with some serious defects, is the southern lagoon of Lusenzo (page 2.3.3).


For a map of the critical values of angular velocity.

As yet, there is not a map of these critical values; nor a protocol for this purpose. This study involves a team and an appropriate laboratory. I'm alone and with almost no means.