How the motion of the Moon affects
the seeds and the water of our oceans.

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annex cc; waxing and waning Moon.

annex D - the secret of the life on the Earth.

2012-08 d1 Moon's angular velocity variation.
2012-08 d2 The essentiality of the Moon for the seeds.
2012-08 d3 Generating and utilizing the “force d”.
2012-08 d4 Probability for the “force d” to manifest itself.
2012-08 d5 Are we alone in the Universe?

annex E - Force d and magnetism.

2012-08 e.1 “Force d” and magnetism: introduction.
2012-08 e.2 Meridians: common and magnetic.
2012-08 e.3 Effect of the magnetic declination.
2012-08 e.4 Anomalous tides - introduction.
2012-08 e.5 Early tides, late tides.
2012-08 e.6 Aborted tides.
2012-08 e.7 Only one system at a time.

annex L - the Moon: satellite or co-planet?

2012-08 L.1 About the word satellite.
L.2 In the solar system, only the Earth.
L.3 The implications of the experiments C and E.
L.4 A two-body system.
2007-06 L.5 Comparison: Moon v Ganymede.
2012-08 L.6 Reformulating the search for the exoplanets.

annex P: on the perception of the water figures.


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