The variation of the angular motion of the Moon.

This variation is the engine of the cumulative and dissipative processes in seeds.

The alternating variation of the angular velocity of the Moon, around the Earth - first increasing, then decreasing - is one of the essential features, which makes the Earth a suitable place for life.


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Earth and Moon in direct relationship.

This variation of the angular velocities of the Moon, with respect to the Earth, originates the calendar of the cumulative-dissipative cycle of the seeds, which - within the sidereal month (27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 12 seconds) - is almost always double (a-b; c-d); rarely it is simple.

In the periods b-c and d-a of the calendar the seeds may be induced to cumulative processes; in periods a-b and c-d, they may be induced to dissipative processes.

cumulative dissipative cycle in seeds

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Among the secrets of the life on the Earth.

Though it might sound surprising, also this small variation is among the secrets of the life on the Earth. Which set our planet apart with respect to the exoplanets with no moon.

Indeed, this variation makes it possible the mechanism of the cumulative and dissipative processes, thanks to which the seeds would elude the second law of thermodynamics, in the sense that they manage to decrease entropy and improve their viability, without degrading energy.

Without these two processes, carried out in alternance, the plants - the primary source of the life on the Earth - would cease to exist.