The Moon is essential for the Earth.

As proved experimentally, the seeds keep their viability over time thanks to the alternating variation of the motion of the Moon. If the Earth had not a moon, it would be without life, like I presume to be the case of Mars.


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The Moon as the engine of a mechanism.

The Earth, seen from the Moon (courtesy by NASA).

The Moon turns out to be the engine that induces in the seeds two alternate processus, the first accumulates energy, the second dissipates it.

The first process creates a situation of chaos, but favorable to the creation of order during the successive dissipative phase.

This would keep more than one system, here on Earth, at a low level of entropy.

Among other things, this ensures the cyclical restoration of viability in the seeds, the recovery of water quality, and the ocean tide phenomenon.

Two experiments done during two alternating periods.

In order to maintain itself viable, a seed must go through two processes, the cumulative one and the dissipative one, both indispensable.

While the Moon increases its delay, the seeds may carry out the cumulative processes; in that time, as for the dissipative ones, it is as if the Moon was not there.

While the Moon decreases its delay, the seeds may carry out the dissipative processes; in that time, as for the cumulative ones, it is as if the Moon was not there.

One can then say that it is as if the Moon was not there, at alternating periods, for each of the two processes, both essential to maintain the seeds viable. Because of the two processes, the Moon is for our existence the conditio sine qua non.

If the Earth had no moon.

If, starting from a given moment, the Moon was not there, the two alternating processes, the cumulative dissipative processes, could not take place.

Only the “one way mechanism” would be operative, the one where the entropy increases all the time.

Sooner or later, the seeds would lose their viability, anyway. Afterwards, they would not be able to germinate, and our planet would become sterile, and enventually devoid of any form of life.

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