1.1.7 - How to get more income in times of scarsity.

The sowing procedure, intended to optimize the cumulative-dissipative processes, is useful above all in the years of low cycle efficiency.


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prologue > index seeds > 1.1 Managing the germinative power in seeds.

1.1.1 - Introduction to cumulative dissipative cycle in seeds.
1.1.2 - To be kept in mind in experiments.
1.1.3 - The sowing procedure.
1.1.4 - Loss and recovery of viability.
1.1.5 - Harvest result in a year of lean times.
1.1.6 - Harvest result in a year of abundance.
>1.1.7 - How to get more income in times of scarsity.
1.1.8 - Applications.


The next seven years of lean times.

What has been said so far must be kept in mind, especially from September 2021, the beginning of another seven years of low viability of the seeds.

The farmer who will apply the recommended procedure, activating the cumulative-dissipative cycle in the seeds, will obtain good harvests.

More income in times of scarsity.

It would also get a higher income, with maximum peaks in the years characterized by seeds with low viability, by a general scarcity of crops, but finding as a consequence higher market prices.

This favorable condition for him will continue in future, for as long as the procedure is not adopted by most farmers.

In the region where I live, Veneto, we say:
i primi che ‘riva, mejo se comoda
(the first to arrive, finds the best accommodation).